Commercial Treadmill PoweUp ( FS-042240)

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Commercial Treadmill PoweUp ( FS-042240)20.0(km/h)                                                        &nbs..

Commercial Treadmill PoweUp ( FS-042240)


Incline:  0-15%    Motor rated power: 3.0HP

The Max motor Powder:7HP

NW/GW(kg) :275/325                                                                                                                                               

Input powder voltage:AC 220V+_10%(50Hz or 60Hz)

Running area:1660*600mm

Runnning board:1450*665mm
Running belt thickness: 3mm                                                                                                                       

Machine Size: 2250x 1010 x 1830mm
Temperature range: 0-40 ℃
Time: 0:00-99.59(min:sec)
Distance: 0.00-99.59(km)

Heart rate: 50-256(Times/Min)

20 feet container  can load 9 pcs, 40 feet high container can load 24 pcs
Germany FORBO SIEGLING none Daub Silicon Oil Running Belt  Free -lubrication
Design principle Principles of human motion mechanics

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